March 2019
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Our services are very focused – but in doing so we stick to what we know.  To put a badge on it then it would be change programme management.  We do deliver on the projects we work on.  We are not a consultancy that will simply come in, tell you what you need to do and then disappear leaving you with the challenge of actually doing it.  Because change doesn’t happen overnight, the projects we work on tend to run for months or even a year or more.  But they are often not intensive.  It may only require a day a week.  But that continuity, week in week out, is more important than a short burst of activity.

In some cases what we do fits the profile of what you may see as interim management.  But with a subtle difference – we are providing an interim solution to handle a period of change.  Not just replacing someone short term while you find their permanent replacement.   We are typically providing a solution for something new – not replacing something that was previously there.

The work we do can be seen to fall within one of the following

  • Managing change in your customer environment – where your own business change will have major impact on your customers.  This is often due to a radical shake up in your product portfolio and needs you to carefully consider the customer migration aspects of what you are doing
  • Managing change following merger and acquisition – where you are growing through merger and acquisition but need to integrate the new business into your own
  • Managing change through a communication programme – where you are embarking upon something new and need a structured communications programme to support this change
  • Managing the continuity of your business – business impact assessment and business continuity planning to provide a means to assess how well your business can cope with the unexpected and what you can do now to mitigate the risk

What we find is that significant change cannot be easily managed as a “business as usual” activity.  Sometimes this change happens very rarely and you simply don’t have the expertise internally to handle it.  No point in hiring a permanent person to handle it as they will become surplus to requirements once the project is complete.  Or they do not have the time.  Often, managing the change is placed with a senior manager that simply does not have the time to do it given the pressures of the day job.  They typically start out with good intentions but this fades quickly.

Delivering on change needs consistency, continuity and the right level of expertise and experience.  This is what we bring to the table.